I’m pretty sure when I first met Mary-Ruth she wasn’t even old enough to date boys, so it was pretty amazing to see her get married all these years later. Her older sister Jen is a good friend of mine and I’ve spent plenty of long weekends up at the family cottage, so it felt like a big reunion.

Huseyin and Mary-Ruth have an amazing collection of friends and family, I don’t think they stopped laughing the whole day. They hired a live band (always a great idea) and the dance floor was out of control for the entire evening. Although I must say the ‘younger’ crowd definitely outlasted everyone else. (I’m sure I’ll be getting in trouble for that comment!)

Matt and I are old friends from high school, we’ve always shared a love of live music, beer and a good mix tape. I was extremely happy when Matt asked me to photograph his wedding, because it meant I’d be one of a select few who’d have the pleasure of witnessing this special day. There were no fancy white dresses, tuxedos, grand churches or halls to be found, just 35 of their closest friends and family gathered in their backyard. What do you do when you love music and don’t like lots of attention? You have a short, intimate ceremony followed by a 6 hour jam session with your musically talented friends. Amazing.

Nancy and Matt are a great example of how to put on a memorable wedding and it’s not their unique ideas that make me think this. Their wedding was good because they planned it based on their personalities and lifestyles, not tradition and expectations. I don’t think there should be rules associated with weddings and neither do they.