I’m pretty sure when I first met Mary-Ruth she wasn’t even old enough to date boys, so it was pretty amazing to see her get married all these years later. Her older sister Jen is a good friend of mine and I’ve spent plenty of long weekends up at the family cottage, so it felt like a big reunion.

Huseyin and Mary-Ruth have an amazing collection of friends and family, I don’t think they stopped laughing the whole day. They hired a live band (always a great idea) and the dance floor was out of control for the entire evening. Although I must say the ‘younger’ crowd definitely outlasted everyone else. (I’m sure I’ll be getting in trouble for that comment!)

2 Responses to “Mary-Ruth+Huseyin”
  1. Great series Ben! Really love the clarity and colours of your photos.

  2. Huseyin says:

    Thanks for making us spend as much time as it took to produce these amazing photos. I am so glad you were our photographer and I hope that you will be around for many more happy years to take pictures of us with so much amazing creativity.