After a short trip home to photograph Chris and Steph’s wedding (see post below), I quickly found myself back on the trail and ready to hike. I was about to entire the White Mountains, we’ve been talking and hearing about them since starting the trail over 4 months ago. The trail for much of the Whites is above tree line, making it the most challenging part of the trail, but also the most beautiful. I was feeling great, my feet enjoyed the 5 days off and I was motivated to try and catch up to a few friends. True to my trail name (Rooster) I was up at the crack of dawn every day and usually on the trail between 5:30 – 6:30am. I hiked some hard, long days but it was all worth while when I walked up on Snow White, Roaring Lion and Pine Monkey and saw the look of shock on their faces. I had given them a 5 day head start out of Hanover, NH and caught them in just 6 days. We stayed at Madison Springs that night, my first and only hut in the White Mountains. It was an incredible week, probably my favourite so far.

Sunset from a fire tower.

Moon Pie and Duzy cooking dinner by the fire.

Bard, trying to stay warm.

I find Rocker funny, Hot Lips is not so sure.

We often make arrows out of branches when the trail isn’t so obvious to follow.

Turtleback climbing up Mt. Moosilauke


It’s crazy steep going down the back side of Moosilauke, so they have to bolt steps straight into the rock at certain points.

Early start at Kinsman Notch.

Kinsman Pond.

View from my hammock at Liberty Spring campsite.

My neighbors at Liberty Spring campsite.

Early morning view on my way to Mt. Lafayette.

Starring at the trail to Mt. Lafayette.

Headed to Mt. Garfield.

Looking back at Mt. Lafayette.


Caught up to Gadget, who I last saw in Damascus, VA over 3 months ago!

The Cog Railway takes tourists to the top of Mt. Washington.

Happy to be on the other side of Mt. Washington and away from the crazy crowds.

Snow White washing dishes at Madison Hut.

One of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes it’s best to look behind you.

My 4th of July photo.

Yes, that bear has a backpack and no, it’s not his!


Setting up camp.

Sunrise at Symm’s Gap Meadow.

Two southbounders from 2009, Fisherman’s Friends and Tumbleweed, along with their friend No Deal provided us with some great trail magic. We had more hotdogs and beer than we could handle!

Exhausted from a long day of hiking.

I’m not sure exactly what day it was, but I swear that I blinked as a turned a corner and spring appeared. The forest is alive and getting more beautiful everyday.

Dragon’s Tooth

Rocker at the famous McAfee Knob.

Rocker trying to figure out how far away town is.

40oz tending to some worn out feet.

40oz resupplying in Daleville, VA

Guarding the trail.

Walking past a FAA tower.

Almost There

f you know me at all, you’ll appreciate how scared I was taking this photo.

Bird House Bob is back to finish what he started 5 years ago.

Count brewing up some dinner.

Bunyan thru hiked in 2009, this year he’s headed southbound to Damascus to meet his old friends at Trail Days.

Wildflowers everywhere.

Life is good, even when hiking with a hangover.

Snow White, finding her way through the thick fog.

Tenderfoot, 70 years young, with 29 year old Snow White. This trail is for everyone.

Blue Jay, hiking the A.T. like he does every year.


Storm brewing at Spy Rock.

Cowboy at The Priest.

Snow White attempting to hang her food on a bear pole.


Snow White

A little wall walking in the Shenandoah’s.

Knee Deep

Hanging out at Dick’s Dome Shelter.


Kimo is turning 67 years old this year, he started his first section hike in 1967, 43 years later and he’s completed the entire trail.

Bear’s Den Hostel is a great place to stay.

Hikelette is one of the coolest kids I’ve ever met!


40oz giving the ticks one less place to hide.

Last day for my first pair of shoes, I went through 3 pairs.

Looks like I’m having PBR for dinner!

Cool Tool struggling to put his sock on and wake up.

The Picnic Sisters.

Forty, Snow White, Rooster and Rocker.

Grayson Highlands State Park.

Snow White making friends with the wild pony’s.

Wild Pony in the Grayson Highlands.

Cool Tool has a serious case of ‘jungle feet’.

Visitor Center beside Partnership Shelter.

Partnership Shelter

Relentless snoring by Roaring Lion forced The Count to sleep outside of the Shelter.


Looking at The Barn Restaurant from the gas station diner. We ate dinner there the night before but couldn’t return after Snow White embarrassed herself in front of the waitress.

I don’t even like pancakes!

Cowboy climbing over one of many stiles on the trail.

Crash Course and Silver.


Target practice.

Snow White and Cowboy at the end of a 27 mile day.

No trees at this campsite so we had to improvise!

Found a little trail magic. 9am beer anyone?

Wood’s Hole Hostel, my favourite place on the trail so far.

Snow White and Suby helping with dinner.

Michael watering his freshly planted herbs.

We loved Woods Hole so much that we stayed a second night. It was a good decision because we we rewarded with a sushi dinner, something I’d been craving for weeks.

Suby, slicing and dicing.

Neville making some rice in the pressure cooker.

Michael stirring up some wasabi.

Neville and Micheal.

Snow White taking a siesta.