After a short trip home to photograph Chris and Steph’s wedding (see post below), I quickly found myself back on the trail and ready to hike. I was about to entire the White Mountains, we’ve been talking and hearing about them since starting the trail over 4 months ago. The trail for much of the Whites is above tree line, making it the most challenging part of the trail, but also the most beautiful. I was feeling great, my feet enjoyed the 5 days off and I was motivated to try and catch up to a few friends. True to my trail name (Rooster) I was up at the crack of dawn every day and usually on the trail between 5:30 – 6:30am. I hiked some hard, long days but it was all worth while when I walked up on Snow White, Roaring Lion and Pine Monkey and saw the look of shock on their faces. I had given them a 5 day head start out of Hanover, NH and caught them in just 6 days. We stayed at Madison Springs that night, my first and only hut in the White Mountains. It was an incredible week, probably my favourite so far.

Sunset from a fire tower.

Moon Pie and Duzy cooking dinner by the fire.

Bard, trying to stay warm.

I find Rocker funny, Hot Lips is not so sure.

We often make arrows out of branches when the trail isn’t so obvious to follow.

Turtleback climbing up Mt. Moosilauke


It’s crazy steep going down the back side of Moosilauke, so they have to bolt steps straight into the rock at certain points.

Early start at Kinsman Notch.

Kinsman Pond.

View from my hammock at Liberty Spring campsite.

My neighbors at Liberty Spring campsite.

Early morning view on my way to Mt. Lafayette.

Starring at the trail to Mt. Lafayette.

Headed to Mt. Garfield.

Looking back at Mt. Lafayette.


Caught up to Gadget, who I last saw in Damascus, VA over 3 months ago!

The Cog Railway takes tourists to the top of Mt. Washington.

Happy to be on the other side of Mt. Washington and away from the crazy crowds.

Snow White washing dishes at Madison Hut.

One of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Sometimes it’s best to look behind you.

My 4th of July photo.

Yes, that bear has a backpack and no, it’s not his!

After spending 4 months wandering through the woods it was really nice to start off the wedding season with a relaxed, backyard wedding. Steph and Chris (along with friends and family) really did an amazing job creating a cool and creative setting. There were nice little touches everywhere, home made signs, a gaming pit, and music in the bathrooms to name a few. One of the highlights was definitely the band Steph’s brother put together, playing everything from Eminem to MC Hammer, definitely not your typical wedding music! If this wedding is any indication of things to come, it’s going to be a great year.