**UPDATE** I’m making an A.T. photo book! You can view and purchase it here.

You’re looking at the majestic Mt. Katahdin, I hiked for more than 5 months, through 14 states and over 2000 miles to get to this beautiful mountain and it was worth every step. My brain is scattered with so many thoughts and emotions from this great adventure that I really don’t know where to begin. This one is going to take a long time to digest. Thanks to all my new friends I met along the way and to the many people who provided the random acts of kindness (trail magic) on such a regular basis. Hiking the Appalachian Trail has renewed my thirst for travel and seeking out new experiences, I can’t wait to see where I end up next.


Page Pond

‘Rocky’ and ‘Playboy’

View from Gentian Pond Shelter.

This ladder did not help with my fear of heights.

I’m sure this is the work of a beaver, but I have seen hikers this hungry.

‘Cheese’, named for her camera ready smile not the food.

‘Little Brown’

‘Corn Patch’

‘Papa Smurf’ chatting with David at Pine Ellis.


Roots and rocks, that’s Maine.

‘Dirt Road Dave’

On a board walk through a bog.

‘Dessert First’

‘Hobbit AT 85’

‘Backgammon’ and ‘Fields’

2000 miles down, 178 to go.

An odd place to find a white blaze.

Crossing the Kennebec river by canoe is the official way to stay on the Appalachian Trail.

‘#1 Son’ and ’96’

‘Black and Tan’ taking a break at one of the many waterfalls in Maine.

Sneaking a view from an old fire tower.

Lunch break.

This is what your legs look like after you fall in a bog. I think ‘Snow White’ is still laughing at me. The smell was horrible.

One of many river crossing in Maine.

A waterfall on the Gulf Hagas side trail.

Me (‘Rooster’) and my dear friend ‘Snow White’.


I’m barely awake at this point in the day.

Hanging up our wet gear at White House Landing.

Boat ride back to the trail.

‘Ace’, ‘Hobo’ and ‘Crab’

The start of our final night hike.

Early morning at a dam.

Sneaking a peak of Mt. Katahdin during our second breakfast.


A view of Mt. Katahdin from Abol Bridge.

‘Snow White’ setting out on our final day.

‘Shagman’ negotiating some huge boulders.

‘Dutch’ devouring a Moon Pie.

Hiking above the clouds.

The sign.

‘Rock n’ Rolls’ mom (and dad) hiked to the summit to share in their sons amazing accomplishment.

Emotional ‘Snow White’.

‘Rock n’ Roll’



‘Rock n’ Roll’, ‘Fungi’, and ‘Veggie Scraps’

‘Black and Tan’

‘Motor Boat’ and ‘Pebbles’

‘Patches’ celebrating with a little champagne.

‘Patches’ and ‘Motor Boat’


‘Fungi’, ‘Veggie Scraps’ and their dog ‘Luna’ (dogs are not allowed in Baxter State Park).

The only photograph I really ever wanted.