Tell My Mom Not To Worry (Damascus, VA to Hanover, NH)

I was the 40th thru hiker to sign in at the ATC headquarters this year.


First day of their flip flop, so they didn’t have trail names!

My friend Debbie lives near the trail in PA, so she decided to come check out the trail for an afternoon.

Half way, well the marker from last year anyway.

It’s hiker tradition to eat a half gallon of ice cream at the half way mark.

Rocker made a good effort, but failed like the others!

That ice cream never stood a chance.

Snow White and 40oz

Bob, cleaning up the trail.

Dutch, 40oz, and Rocker enjoying a beer at the Doyle Hotel.

Miss Vickie knows all.

Miss Vickie and Pat

Almost There, Bowdin and Kayleigh.

40oz enjoying a book on our day off at the Doyle.

Gaucha and Sweetie.

Tink getting some advice from the “worlds greatest hiker” Dutch.

Yes, the rocks in PA are really that bad.

Shadowfax chillin’ at the 501 Shelter.

The Pinnacle.

Knifes Edge.

Blue Bird

Earl Grey

Pair #2, done.

I chose not to swim in this beautiful lake.


Moon Pie and Duzy

A little (actually a lot) of trail magic provided by our new friend Bunyun.

Roaring Lion and Bunyun enjoying a cigar and whiskey by the camp fire.

Snow White will hang anywhere.

The shoes Bunyan summited in last year.


Wandered into Unionville, NY on Memorial Day and was greated by a parade.

This wonderful family invited Roaring Lion, Mouse and myself to their Memorial Day BBQ.

Bill, preparing dinner at The Mayor’s House


Building a new privy.

Boardwalk through the swamp.

Heading north.

Mountain Laurel.

Lil’ Buddha


Water break.

A much deserved swim.

Snow White and Cool Tool.

Snow White, lost in her own thoughts.

Switchback enjoying some dinner.

Snow White was making me so nervous!

Now you know why I was so nervous! Snow White falls at least once a day.

Dusting off.

Red Tail and Freedumb.

Maria, a wonderful lady who opens her home to hikers.

Someone decided to stick an old tub over a beautiful natural spring.

Out for a quick paddle on Upper Goose Pond.

One of my favourite photos ever taken of me, compliments of Snow White.


Usually we have to dodge traffic and run across the highway, but this one they built a nice bridge.

Cookie Monster

Grocery shopping with our packs is a pain and gets us a lot of strange looks.

Gandalf and Shadowfax

Walkway in Vermont

Switchback trying to get a view from the fire tower.

Compliments of “Vermud”

Self portrait with her trusty Stick Pik.

A bridge was torn down and we decided not to take the 3 mile detour.

A missing bridge means rock hopping or wading through the water.

Grabbing some water from a very cool water source.

On top of “The Lookout” cabin.

How we find our way.

Hit & Miss, the first south bounders of the year.

Short n’ Sweet (along with her husband Greybeard) provide trail magic to hikers everyday. They also were kind enough to host Snow White and myself for a night. We were treated to showers, laundry and an amazing pesto pasta dinner!

Pine Monkey


Welcome to New Hampshire!

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8 responses

  1. Wow! Now I finally know what the Appalachian Trail experience is all about! Wow! I don’t know…maybe Hugo & I will attempt it some day. But this summer it’s the Camino de Santiago.
    (from Lynn your ride to WalMart in Berlin, NH)

  2. Great stuff Ben–love the the shot of the canoe on the lake! Looks like an amazing trip!!

  3. Tom Renckens

    excellent photos Ben! I found you because our good friend Skink is about 1 week- 2 weeks behind you- – the color saturation and separartion is awesome- fantastic detail, composition. your pictures rock my friend. Thanks for posting- Skink should be past Hanover NH a few days ago- 8/21/10. Maybe you know him?

  4. virgilT

    Very enjoyable Ben. You capture the spirit of the AT.

  5. Teri (Mtn Rose) Bridenbeck

    I was captivated by your photos. I have not seen such great photography in a long time. Keep up the exceptional work. The AT always pulls at my heart strings and you made it really tug.

  6. Ray “Walkinhome” Ronan

    Hi Ben,

    Great photos!! I would be interested in any photos of Katahdin. My reason is that I am the editor of the Maine Guide/Maps for the MATC. We only use Katahdin for our covers. Good and different pictures are getting harder to find. We only pay $200.00 for a run of 10K and rights for a subsequent re-print (we have only done that once and I do not anticipate it happening with the next edition but just a CYA thing) so we are not after unlimited rights to it and you would be free to use your photo elsewhere (we would hope you not have it on another cover for awhile LOL) so if this interests you, please email me if you want to be considered. Full contact info on request. Again, really enjoyed your photos! Best regards

  7. jerseydave

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.
    You have a great eye and an obvious talent……. you made me feel as though I was there with you,
    and leave me even more determined to one day join the growing list of those who have made the long walk.

    Happy Trails,

  8. Keys

    You are a phenomenal photographer Ben!!! You capture the spirit of the moment so vividly, it’s as if your viewers are actually there. Im always in anticipation of your new photos. Keep up the great work!

    P.S. That Snow White chick is hot!!