Tell My Mom Not To Worry (Damascus to Wood’s Hole Hostel)

40oz giving the ticks one less place to hide.

Last day for my first pair of shoes, I went through 3 pairs.

Looks like I’m having PBR for dinner!

Cool Tool struggling to put his sock on and wake up.

The Picnic Sisters.

Forty, Snow White, Rooster and Rocker.

Grayson Highlands State Park.

Snow White making friends with the wild pony’s.

Wild Pony in the Grayson Highlands.

Cool Tool has a serious case of ‘jungle feet’.

Visitor Center beside Partnership Shelter.

Partnership Shelter

Relentless snoring by Roaring Lion forced The Count to sleep outside of the Shelter.


Looking at The Barn Restaurant from the gas station diner. We ate dinner there the night before but couldn’t return after Snow White embarrassed herself in front of the waitress.

I don’t even like pancakes!

Cowboy climbing over one of many stiles on the trail.

Crash Course and Silver.


Target practice.

Snow White and Cowboy at the end of a 27 mile day.

No trees at this campsite so we had to improvise!

Found a little trail magic. 9am beer anyone?

Wood’s Hole Hostel, my favourite place on the trail so far.

Snow White and Suby helping with dinner.

Michael watering his freshly planted herbs.

We loved Woods Hole so much that we stayed a second night. It was a good decision because we we rewarded with a sushi dinner, something I’d been craving for weeks.

Suby, slicing and dicing.

Neville making some rice in the pressure cooker.

Michael stirring up some wasabi.

Neville and Micheal.

Snow White taking a siesta.

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4 responses

  1. Peter Cuthbert

    My Nubile Brother – Keep ’em coming – See you on Lake Huron in June?

  2. Hi Rooster (Ben)
    Thanks so much for capturing such Beautiful pictures!!! We shared them with several folks here.. and they gawked loudly.The spirit of the place was truly captured through your lens.
    We hope you continue to have an inspiring and awakening hike. We look forward to seeing you if ever you are in the area.
    Until then, Happy Trails.
    Neville & Michael
    p.s say hello to all for us!!

  3. I loved the photos. Even though I live within a mile or two from the AT trail head, I never even considered attempting it until I saw your photos and got an inside glimpse of what it is like. Now maybe, I will at least “venture in” a few miles to get a little taste of it myself. (Lynn from Berlin, July 6)

  4. Lee “Tink” Leach

    Congrats on getting some of these published in the Sept-Oct issue of AT Journeys. Looking forwoard to seeing your Maine photos.