Tell My Mom Not To Worry (The Smokies)

There were a lot of rumors spreading down the trail leading up to the Smokies, many have chosen to skip them and try later, but myself and 11 others decided to give them a try. The trail definitely wasn’t easy, but was far better than we were lead to believe. We were rained on, snowed on, sunk to our knees step after step, but in the end we made it unharmed and still managed to laugh along the way.

‘Gray Beard’ is a Ridge Runner, working in the Smokies.

Cold, wet ‘Cowboy’.




“Post holing” is not fun! (A post hole refers to the imprint you make when hiking through deep snow)

Another peak with NO view!

The sun made a very brief appearance.

Viewing tower at Clingman’s Dome.

Clingman’s Dome, one of the best views on the trail, so I’m told.

Snow White, not great at pool and not much better at darts! ;)

We get confused in towns.  Where are all the white blazes?!

A packed shelter during Spring Break.

‘Snow White’ and I where forced to hang in the trees when we walked into a full shelter.

Making a hot dinner on a super cold night.

Warm and happy in her sleeping bag.

‘Roaring Lion’ attempted to make a fire for 4 hours in a cold, wet shelter.


‘Blood Hound’

‘Snow White’ working hard in the snow.

Hoar frost.

A little sun and lots of fog.

Hoar frost.

‘Snow White’

‘Cowboy’, trying to dry his underwear in the sun!

‘Cowboy’ soaking up more sun.

The only peak I saw in the Smoky Mountains.  It lasted about 30 seconds.

‘Branch’ and ‘Apple Seed’

‘Roaring Lion’

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7 responses

  1. CarlF

    Love your pics. I have a backpacking buddy on the trail right now as well. I’m following his journal (mainly words) but your pics tell a thousand stories. If you run into Gadget tell him Carl from Wisconsin says Hi and asks how does he like is ultra light gear?

  2. Brena

    Another dope entry Benvie. Still jealous, but not as much…I have my own adventure awaiting me in a couple of weeks. The snow there is crazy! can’t say I’m jealous of that.

  3. Sam McMinn

    Love the photos. Its been a long time since I stood in those same spots. Would love to make it there before all the snow is gone. Just curious, I am into photography myself and have been wondering what kind of camera/lens you are using? Anyhow, best to you on your adventure. I only dream and hope that I can make the same journey in the future. I’ll probably have to quite my job and give the wife a really nice gift for the dream to become a reality.

  4. Sarah

    Ben! All I can say is WOW! Incredible. Thanks for the beautiful photos and update. Thinking about you lots.

  5. Amara

    Ben, your photos are gorgeous – I will say that everytime. I was showing Jesse today and this is what she said…”where is he?” I replied, “the appalachian mountains” she goes, “how long is he there for,” I said “4 months (or however long) she relies, “he brought his F**’n computer?!! and he’s editing photos?” it made me giggle…you know how expressive that would have been. Safe travels

  6. i love these blogs benvie. we’re missing you over here! or at least your phone calls. because well, you don’t live where i do. regardless. great stuff!!!

  7. Killer work as always, Ben. Keep ’em coming!