A look back at 2009

Welcome to my new blog. I’m excited to start out 2010 with a fresh look, but before we get to far into the new year let’s take a look back at 2009. It was a fun, often crazy and always busy year for me and I really can’t get over how quickly it passed. Some highlights include Mystic 4, my first trip to NYC, visiting old friends and attending Ben Chrisman’s workshop in Edmonton, and the best, being a guest at Jenna and Tristan’s incredible wedding. Like every year, photography has allowed me to meet some amazing new people, and see parts of the world once unknown to me. It really was a great year, but I have a feeling 2010 in going to blow it out of the water.

A couple of quick shout outs and then it’s on to the slide show. Thanks to Tristan for his hard work setting up this blog, he is talented at so many things it doesn’t seem fair some days! Thanks also to Patience from the Grates (5th photo in) for letting me use her song, I absolutely love it. I discovered The Grates at the Hillside Festival this year and was blown away by their live performance. When you go to a Grates show you don’t feel like you’re just watching, Patience has a way of making you feel like you’re part of the show. Check them out.

Turn it up and enjoy.

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  1. Jewels

    Outrageous. You have got an eye unlike any other.

    I need to figure out a way to get you to Spain for our wedding. I am going to start fundraising door-to-door. Selling chocolate bars to get Ben to Spain.

    Really great work! So proud!!!!


  2. well written ben!
    great slideshow : )

  3. Lovely Ben…quite a year you had!!

  4. Ben, the slideshow is really amazing! You have a wonderful way of capturing the things happening all around you!

  5. Jill

    Ahhhhhhhhhh! I absolutely love it….and not just because Lane is one of your star photos!

  6. Brack

    That is wonderful! You have a great eye!

  7. Absolutely fabulous Ben! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Mary-Ruth Ruso

    What a year you had Ben! Thanks for sharing your talent with us :)

  9. Amara

    Loved it Ben :)

  10. Hey Ben,

    Rachael fowarded your email to me, it’s nice to hear from you! I am totally a folkfest girl! I hope you come out this summer. The new site looks fantastic and you images are great! I can tell you were really pushing it this year. Hope you are well.


  11. Carly

    I can hardly wait for you to photograph Jason and I’s wedding in October. Every time I look at your photos I am so glad that we were able to book you. I have never seen photos from the perspective that you take them. They are truly beautiful!

  12. Tara

    Loved the slideshow!!! I was smiling the whole time…fab music and gorgeous shots…so much emotion :)

  13. Wayne Adelkopf

    Awesome AT pictures. I have seen 1,000s of AT pictures on trailjournals.com over many years but none capture the spirit of the through-hike and the beauty of nature like yours. You are truly gifted. I look forward to seeing your Katahdin summit pictures.

    All the best,


  14. Judy Reddong

    Wow Your AT photos are amazing. My daughter did the trail in 2009…her name was Little Tree. She did not keep a public journal but her Dad and I followed several, including Gangsta and Wags’s. I am going to keep track of your blog. Thanks for slide show!

  15. Thank you Ben for saying Mystic 4 was one of your 2009 highlights. I hope you can say the same for 2011 :-) http://www.mysticseminars.com

    Happy New Years,