Na Pali Coast Trail (Kalalau)

There are many reasons to visit Hawaii but I think hiking the Napali Coast Trail is one of the best.  It’s 12 breathtaking miles along the northwest side of Kauai with a final destination that is beyond words.  We spent 5 glorious days, hiking, camping and exploring.

My new friends Rain and Linnea hitching a ride to the trail head.

A lot of warnings and they’re all true.

The trail is about the only place you won’t see a rooster in Kauai.

About 1/2 a mile in.

Linnea starting a campfire so we can cook dinner.


Feels like a painting to me.

Everything tastes better when cooked over a fire.

Rain tending to her dinner.

Rain lighting up the waves with her flash.

Our campsite, lit by fire and headlamps.

Happy to be away from a cold Canadian winter.



Sven, Linnea and Rain.

Rain, photographing the coast line.

Break time.

Our new friend Matt.

The backdrop to this hike doesn’t even seem real at times.


A goat just checking out the view.

Rock hopping after a long, hot day.

Rain, is just as crazy as I am about photography.

Sunset swim in a very rare, calm ocean.


Rain knows how to live.

Filtering some water.

Eaten alive by the mini mosquitoes at the river.

Linnea getting her feet wet.

Matt being tumbled by the waves.


Sandy toes.

The wedding photographer in me apparently was not on vacation.

I have no idea.

Campfire jam.

Still smiling on a rainy day.

Matt reading a book and waiting out the rain.

Rain, trying to get us a snack.

The bounty.


Not a place you want to slip and fall.

Rain and Matt heading back.

I could not find a composition that even came close to doing this part of the trail justice.  Narrow, slippery and down right dangerous.  I met at least a dozen people who said they’d never hike the trail again because of this 1/2 of a mile stretch.

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5 responses

  1. Love these, Ben. Love the night images, love the day images…. so nice. :)

  2. CAmara

    always a joy looking at your photos….

  3. Benvie, beautiful as always.

  4. Your Wife

    We should take you travelling with us all the time so we can have pictures like this. Too bad I have such terrible music taste and can’t hike to save my life. Not that we won’t go on trips together. Just that it will torture you.

  5. You have a very special talent Ben….enjoy looking at any of your work. Not sure I’ve ever seen a better photographer. Hope to meet you some day in the studio or on the trail…