Jess & Will

Traveling, hiking and photography are three things that I truly love and nothing makes me happier than when they all merge together. So, here’s my little story of how I ended up in Vermont photographing Jess and Will’s special day. In February of last year I was in Mexico photographing Yvonne and Rob’s wedding, there I met Larissa and Femi who I’d later join in Maui for their wedding. Yvonne and one of her bridesmaids, Michelle, were also in Maui as guests, so we made plans to all go for an over night hike in Haleakala. We decided to hitch hike to the summit and we were lucky enough to catch a quick ride in the back of a pick-up truck, along with two other hikers, Jess and Will (pictured above). After some small talk, I found out they were getting married in the Fall and they discovered that I’m a photographer. Perfect!

I don’t where the next location will be, but I’m excited to see where this little wedding train takes me next!

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  1. What an awesome sequence of events, Ben, and gorgeous photographs! Nothing like a little off-trail magic. :)